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This is one of home pages of Rafal Zaczynski vel Baton/Batonikus..

My Google Nexus 5X white mobile phone was stolen - more info here. IMEI of the stolen mobile phone: 353627076958019

Just opened up the source of a small 3D effects application (effects mainly met in some oldschool demo software) like 3D checkered ball bouncing, and 3D warm tunnel. All can be found and run from this Google code project site.
As well working to make a port of that application to HTML5 canvas - but still to come.. stay tuned..

Right now I'm digging in my nose.
Additionally I just deployed the 3D Demo Java application (with sources deployed on google) which covers 3D tunnel, 3D checkered sphere bouncing and 3D pipes anim with floating text. Check it out by easily running the app from Java Web Start link here.
The whole application with all the source code can be found under http://code.google.com/p/sample-demo-graphic-tricks/.
Feel free to take a look. Working on the port of the animations to HTML5 (using Canvas object for rendering) - so stay tuned or monitor the project itself.

I'm very keen on HDTV - High-Definition TeleVision broadcasts. Unfortunatelly the satellite broadcasts itself in Poland are very poor. There is little of such HDTV channels and the stuff being broadcasted there is either not interesting for me (football or some other stupid sport) or is repeatively bloadcasted (like discovery which has only several nice HD programs - but more is coming).
Anyway there exist lots of sites where some HD movies can be downloaded - that saves my day ;).
If you'r looking for some good info site about HDTV - here you can find one I visit quite often.

I am nerdier than 97% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

Two new (early 2008) pages has been created: one containing API referrences links to Java Mobile APIs, and the second one is a download page for Nokia S40 platform application (e.g. Nokia 6020) - Week Planner.
As well a JavaScript Calendar Widget - fully localized and easy to extend - can be accessed, which can be easily used for selection of any valid date.

Usefull links to JavaScript memory leaks examples/discussions has been added under: JavaScript Memory Leaks - useful links
A new Tips part has been developed as well recently. It contains some usefull JavaScript/DHTML/JSF/Java tips and problems I could not find answer to easily in the Internet. Currently this part contains the following entries:

As internet means being always up to date I decided to make some opensource projects of mine. One of the projects is on a Java developer site java.net. It is about creating a GUI interface that can be plugged to any rendering engine (raytracer). The raytracer interface is being attached as an adapter and any raytracer engine that user wants to use has to have its adapter implementation. By default I'll try to attach default adapter implementation for PovRay. The next project is as well hosted on Java developer's site. Its name is propertiessynchronizer: PropertieSynchronizer and its main goal is to easy the process of properties files translation. It has some intuitive (hopefully) GUI implemented in Swing - just see it yourself here using JWS.

This project is still in very early stage as there is no time to sit down and push it forward even a bit. If you are interested in seeing the project and downloading it's source just follow the link to this project. It is called raytracerShell and is placed under javadesktop/javadesktop-incubator.

Lately I also was forced to take a look at JSF (Java Server Faces) specification. Having it read through and seeing some examples what I still miss out of it is some JavaScript support and more functionality on a client side. I decided to make some support for it in some of mine JSF Components I would like to introduce. I decided to make first a DatePicker component. It will make great use of clientside JavaScript functionality and is supposed to be very easily enhanceable and changeable concerning its look&feel.

As I also bought myself a new phone lately I also made a small Java demo application that can be run on it. It is a 3D cube that can be rotated and zoomed. This app is Series 40 app and unfotunately the cube is wireframe only as I couldn't find any fill draw method in the API and implementation of the fill method myself was a little bit too much for that small trial app. If you are interested in downloading this app and running it on your phone fill free, just follow this link to download JAR archive or type in "http://baton.pop.e-wro.pl/3DCube.jad" in your phone's browser.

Soon I'm also trying to start implementation of a simple Mobile Game that can be run on my 'Nokia 6100' phone. It is supposed to be something like a "River Ride" (riverride) game from old 8-bit ATARI machines. As I had one and I liked it very much I'll try to do it.

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